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Our service is suitable for those who want to host one or more websites and their e-mail accounts on a Dedicated Server or VPS, but do not have the expertise needed in order to setup and manage their own server.

The price covers everything you need, in order to host website(s), e-mail accounts, databases: the server with its specifications, the server setup, the server monitoring, the server maintenance and the control panel. You do not have to pay anything else in order to get the plan described. Here is a list of what is covered:

– We will check the new server IP against blacklists for spam and verify its reputation, and, if needed, we will take all necesary actions in order to fix issues.

– We will register and validate the IP in Junk Mail Control Programs that will allow the IP to be monitored for sending spam, and guarantee a good e-mail deliverability.

– We will install and setup the Operating System, the Services, the Control Panel.

– We will perform speed and security optimization on all these components.

– We will setup server monitoring robots.

– We will setup a testing domain to check the web server, the MySQL server, the FTP server and the Mail server to make sure everything works perfectly before we deliver.

– We will setup the domain you have asked.

– We will take care of the DNS, and setup Cloudflare.

– We will setup & perform manual backups, and setup & test automatic backups, depending on the service selected and the available disk space.

– We will deliver your server.

– We will continue to monitor and maintain the server, that is, the Operating System, and the Control Panel.

Everything is performed by humans, verified and tested, nothing is automatic in the setup. Only monitoring involves robots, but, again, a human will review any monitoring incident. For example, we will notify you if the server usage reaches its limits and more resources are needed.

Yes! Beyond the standard tasks we perform in order to deliver a usable server, we can do much more. Actually, we can do everything related to websites and e-mail service:

Domain names, DNS, CDN, SSL Certificates, Web Design/Development, SEO, Cloudflare and more.

We can maintain your WordPress website, create a testing/development website, create a custom WordPress plugin etc.

Please, contact support, writing in detail what you need, and we will reply with a cost quotation.

We used to do this, but our experience showed that this is not the way to go. There are too many reasons why we have stopped offering this solution. You can choose any server with any provider, and ask us to add the subscription here. The server must be on our account with the provider. We already have an account with all recognized providers of unmanaged infrastructure globally.

If you want us to migrate your website(s), contact us before your purchase, so we can inform you if we can do it for free. Most of the times, this is possible. It depends on the server you will purchase, the number of websites and the control panel you have on your old server.

Yes, of course. You can use your server to host your clients’ websites and make profit, without the trouble of managing a server. However, you are responsible for the use of services by third parties to the same extent as if using the services yourself. We will provide support only to you, and not to any other person. We will contact you, and not any other person.

The Standard Setup is the server setup we offer with the managed server service. Our Standard Setup is extremely tested and guaranteed. The standard setup uses:
Centos 7.9, Apache 2.4.6, PHP 7.4, MariaDB 10.3, Redis 3.2.12 (with MPM event, FastCGI Process Manager, OPcache, ionCube PHP Loader, Pear, Mcrypt, BCMath, SimpleXML, GD and more), Dovecot 2.2, Postfix 2.10, ProFTPd 1.3, SpamAssassin 3.4, BIND 9.11. Nginx 1.20 as reverse proxy, Memcached, Varnish and PageSpeed module are available as options. As mentioned elsewhere, we can certainly setup everything on a Linux server, however, we strongly recommend that the client will focus on the service provided and not on the technical details of the infrastructure.

No. Strictly NO. We have zero tolerance to SPAM or any kind of bulk e-mail sent from infrastructure we manage. Servers and their IP’s are closely monitored for spam and other kinds of abuse. Also, there is a limit on the number of e-mails you can send from your your server, per hour and per day. In case we realize that you send bulk mail from your server, or even from another server advertising a website our your server with us, your account will be immediately suspended. If the provider allows it, you may reuse your service, if you completely cure the problem. However, no matter what the provider’s attitude is, if you send bulk mail for a second time, we will immediately cancel your account. Everything will be deleted, no refund, no notification. If you plan to send bulk e-mail, do not purchase our service. Choose a special service for sending marketing e-mails like Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, Mailgun etc.

If your server’s IP has been blocked by Microsoft’s systems, this is their decision, it is not a “problem”.
Normally, this should be caused by one of the two factors actually affecting your e-mail deliverability. One is the DNS setup, and the other is your e-mail sending practices. However, if these were the reasons for a blocked IP, your e-mail deliverability should be affected with other providers as well, e.g. Google’s infrastructure. Assuming that only Microsoft’s infrastructure has blocked you, note that this is quite often. The stupid Microsoft infrastructure does this often, and quite often there is no specific reason. If this happens, you will receive a message which will clearly mention that your IP is blocked, your IP is in the blacklist. If you forward us this message, we can apply and wait for them to take action. They will delist the IP, but we do not know when. However, you must pay attention to this incident. If this is one of the very few times that the stupid Microsoft filter’s block is based on your e-mail sending practices, they will block you again in the future. Search for email best practices and how to avoid getting your emails blocked.

Please, note that the stupid Microsoft infrastructure blocks your IP every time your domain starts using a new IP. Thus, it is inevitable that after you migrate onto a new server, Microsoft will block you, no matter what you do.

Of course, this is the meaning of providing the managed service. You do not need to access your server through a terminal in order to use your server. You will have access to a graphical environment and you will be able to perform all the basic tasks like creating/editing e-mail accounts, uploading your website, access your database etc.

More or less like your previous experience, if you have, with shared hosting. Only, it will be on your own, exclusive cloud server. We will certainly guide you with the needed operations.

Our delivery is not always quick. If you need a server immediately, call us and verify that we can do it right away. Before we deliver your server to you, we will meticulously perform all the tasks that are necessary, so that you can use your new server. Check above in the FAQ, in order to understand why delivery is not instant. A minimum of five hours must be expected if your order and payment is received during working hours and we verify on the telephone that we can start working immediately. You may call our office 24/7/365.

The nature of the service is that only we have root access, full control and responsibility for the server health and operation. We cannot guarantee a server if the client can login as root. If you need root acccess, then you don’t need us. You can purchase a server directly from the provider. We are here to help clients who cannot or do not want to work with root access.

However, if you understand that root access is a huge risk and invalidates our guarantee, if you are strict with your actions and use root access ONLY for agreed actions that we will ALWAYS approve in advance, then we can do that. Besides, the server is yours, you are free even to destroy it, only, we cannot be held responsible for any issues after that. Beware, the only action we will approve that you perform as a root, is that you create websites in your control panel. Root access with SSH is not something we will ever approve. If you need to have root SSH access to your server, then you do not need us.

Conclusively, root access -> possible, SSH root access -> impossible.

You will have access to a graphical control panel through a web browser to manage each website you host on your server. In there, you can manage your website parameters. You will have access to webmail, to standard mail server ports and create e-mail accounts. You will have access to create and manage your databases. You can also have access with (S)FTP. In general, you will have the access you need to utilize your server for hosting website(s), database(s), e-mail account(s). You will have all the access that is typically a standard in shared hosting services.

Of course! The server is all yours. You can add as many websites, databases, e-mail accounts and other resources as you like, until your server is full. Keep in mind that you need disk space even for creating a tar.gz archive that could be backed up somewhere else, so you cannot use more than roughly 65% of your disk space, depending on the content.

Please, be careful not to overload your server. Every server has limited resources and a finite capacity. We will advise you as you grow your server, do not worry.

The server is all yours, you can install anything you want. However, installing applications like game server software, torrent downloads, etc. is not endorsed and cannot be supported by us. Also, it may not be allowed by the provider. If the provider allows it and you are sure that you will not need our support, install anything you want, as long as it is legal and complies with our Terms of Service.

This is bad. If your server has been suspended, this probably happened because the provider decided to suspend it. There are cases we can realize a violation of the Terms of Service before the provider does, so there is also a possibility that we have suspended your service. In any case, this means you have violated the Terms of Service. Intention does not matter to us or to the provider. It is not important if you did something, or if someone else hijacked your account because you have used easy-to-guess passwords. Adherence to Best Practices forces us to follow the rules. If the provider allows it, you may reuse your service. However, ii this repeats often and especially if you use the server to send bulk e-mail or attack other systems, your server will be cancelled, everything will be deleted, no refund, no notification. These are the rules. If you want a server even for a possibly abusive action, do not purchase one from us. Servers hosting legitimate websites do not get suspended. Suspended servers are usually attack nodes, spam nodes etc. Do not waste your money for testing a spam server with us, it will be suspended and deleted very soon.

We use monthly billing, paid in advance for your service. You must pay for the next month, before the previous expires! Read the next FAQ!

Do not miss a payment. Pay in advance. If you miss a payment, your server will be cancelled and everything will be lost. Our services are low priced, low profit, and there is no margin for offering a grace period. If we had a large profit we could play it large, but this is not the case. Please, pay attention to this policy, a cancelled server cannot be restored. On suspension there may be an investigation and restoration, on cancellation there is no such possibility, a cancelled server is irreversible. Pay on time if you need the server. This is the only way to keep it.

Yes! If a server has a downtime due to the infrastructure, we will pass you the SLA compensation of the provider. For example, Upcloud offers 100% SLA and x50 compensation. Check with each provider for more details.

An exception to the SLA is if you abuse or misuse your server. If, for example you purchase a 1 core 1 GB server in order to serve a website with higher traffic than the server can handle, then the uptime is not guaranteed. Server usage will be monitored and we will advise you to upgrate the server if we find out that you have exceeded the server capacity. If you abuse the server, do not blame the SLA. We will advise you, do not worry.

Also, we do not abandon servers we are supposed to maintain. We maintain the servers, and this means we will perform server restarts when this is necessary. Scheduled maintenance and reboot are excluded by any SLA’s.

We need time to setup, test and deliver a server, as you can read above. Trying to maintain our service quality, we offer a low stock per server, in order to avoid a bottleneck in our operations. If a server you want is out of stock, this is usually because we are all busy setting up other servers at the moment. Check back after 3 to 6 hours and the server should be available again. If it is not available yet, contact us to ask details about the availability.

No. Refunds are not possible. Sorry, this is not possible due to the different billing methods among the providers, and because performed tasks cannot be refunded. You can try the service for a month and decide if it suits you. You can start with a small server and test our part of the service. Besides, we have chosen to use the world’s top providers, or you can choose the provider and get the Any Server Any Provider Server Setup Service.

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