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Who is Managed Linux Servers suitable for?

Our service is suitable for those who want to host a website and their e-mail accounts on a Cloud Server, and use the resources exclusively, but do not have the expertise needed in order to setup and manage their own server.

What services are included with Managed Linux Servers?

The price covers everything, the server with its specifications, the server setup, the control panel and the server monitoring and maintenance. You do not have to pay anything else in order to get the plan described. Here is a list of what is covered:

– We will check the new server IP against blacklists for spam and verify its reputation, and, if needed, we will take all necesary actions in order to fix issues.

– We will register and validate the IP in Junk Mail Control Programs that will allow the IP to be monitored for sending spam, and guarantee a good e-mail deliverability.

–  We will install and setup the Operating System, the Services, the Control Panel.

– We will perform speed and security optimization on all these components.

– We will setup server monitoring robots.

– We will take care of the DNS, and setup Cloudflare.

– We will setup & perform manual backups, and setup & test automatic backups, depending on the service selected and the available disk space.

– We will setup a testing domain to check the web server, the MySQL server, the FTP server and the Mail server to make sure everything works perfectly before we deliver.

– We will setup the domain you have asked.

– We will deliver your server.

– We will continue to monitor and maintain the server, that is, the Operating system, and the Control Panel.

Asking us to add or delete domains/websites on your server is a free service, unless you want to add more than 10 domains in a month. In that case, we will hand this task over to you. The idea is convenience, not speed. Everything is performed by humans, verified and tested, nothing is automatic in the setup. Only monitoring involves robots, but, again, a human will review any monitoring incident. For example, we will notify you if the server usage reaches its limits and more resouces are needed.

Can I ask for more services?

Yes. Beyond the standard tasks we perform in order to deliver a usable server, we can do more. Please, contact support, writing in detail what you need, and we will reply if your request is possible, with a cost quotation. We charge 20 euro/hour for all tasks.

Can you manage a server I will purchase directly from the provider?

Yes, why not! We can setup and manage a server you may purchase directly from the provider. Only, please contact us before you purchase the server, usually there are specific options we will ask you to choose. On all our server plans, you will find a link to UpCloud. By clicking this link, you will get $25 usable credit so you can test the World’s fastest cloud servers and see for yourself.

What about the migration of my website(s) to my new server?

If you want us to migrate your website(s), contact us before your purchase, so we can inform you if we can do it for free. Most of the times, this is possible. It depends on the server you will purchase, the number of websites and the control panel you have on your old server. cPanel and Plesk are eligible for free migration.

Can I resell web hosting service with my managed server?

Yes, of course. You can use your server to host your clients’ websites and make profit, without the trouble of managing a server. However, you are responsible for the use of services by third parties to the same extent as if using the services yourself. We will provide support only to you, and not to any other person. We will contact you, and not any other person.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my server?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime. By purchasing a new server and a migration service, we will migrate everything to the new server. However, billing is monthly, so it is more cost-wise to upgrade close to the end of your billing cycle. Contact us for a quote. For a server with one website, the migration costs 20 euro.

Can I send bulk mail from my server?

No. Strictly NO. We have zero tolerance to SPAM or any kind of bulk e-mail sent from infrastructure we resell. Servers and their IP’s are closely monitored for spam and other kinds of abuse. Also, there is a limit on the number of e-mails you can send from your your server, per hour and per day. In case we realize that you send bulk mail from your server, or even from another server advertising a website our your server with us, your account will be immediately suspended. If the provider allows it, you may reuse your service, if you completely cure the problem. However, no matter what the provider’s attitude is, if you send bulk mail for a second time, we will immediately cancel your account. Everything will be deleted, no refund, no notification. If you plan to send bulk e-mail, do not purchase our service. Choose a special service for sending marketing e-mails like Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, Mailgun etc.

Will I have a graphical control panel?

Of course, this is the meaning of providing the managed service. You do not need to have server management knowledge through a terminal in order to use your server. You will have access to a graphical environment and you will be able to perform all the basic tasks like creating/editing e-mail accounts, uploading your website, access your database etc.

More or less like your previous experience, if you have, with shared hosting. Only, it will be on your own, exclusive cloud server.

Can I choose a control panel?

At the moment, we do not offer this option. The essence of the service we offer is that the client should not deal with this stuff, but if you believe you have a reason to ask something specific, let us know before you purchase the server you need.

Can I choose Operating System?

As a standard, we offer Centos 7. We do manage Ubuntu and Debian servers as well, but the essence of the service we offer is that the client should not deal with this stuff. We believe Centos 7 is the best option, this is why we use it as the standard option. If you stil have a reason to choose another OS, contact us before you purchase the server you need. We will review your request and respond depending on the situation.

Can I choose hostname?

It depends. You cannot choose the hostname if you purchase the server with us. You can choose only if you purchase the server directly from the provider. This is not necessary, after all. Hostnames and IP’s are managed by us and they are a responsibility of our company. The are closely monitored for spam and other kinds of abuse.

How long does it take to have my server delivered?

Our delivery is not always quick. If you need a server immediately, call us and verify that we can do it right away. Before we deliver your server to you, we will meticulously perform all the tasks that are necessary, so that you can easily use your new server. Check the FAQ with title “What services are included with Managed Linux Servers?” in order to understand why delivery is not instant. A minimum of three hours must be expected if your order and payment is received during working hours and we verify on the telephone that we can start working immediately.

Can I have root access to my server?

In general, no. The nature of the service is that only we have root access, full control and responsibility of the server health and operation. We cannot guarantee a server if the client can login as root. If you need root acccess, then you don’t need us. You can purchase a server directly from the provider. We are here to help clients who cannot or do not want to work with root access. However, if you understand that root access is a huge risk and invalidates our guarantee, if you are strict with your actions and use root access ONLY for agreed actions that we will ALWAYS approve in advance, then we can do that. Besides, the server is yours, you are free even to destroy it, only, we cannot be held responsible for any issues after that. Beware, the only action we will approve that you perform as a root, is that you create websites in your control panel. Root access with SSH is not something we will ever approve. If you need to have root SSH access to your server, then you do not need us.

What access can I have to my server?

You will have access to a graphical control panel through a web browser to manage each website you host on your server. In there, you can manage all your website parameters. You will have access to webmail, and to standard mail server ports. You will have access to manage your database. You can also have access with FTP. In general, you will have all access you need to utilize your server for hosting website(s), database(s), e-mail account(s).

Can I setup more websites on my server?

Of course! The server is all yours. You can add as many websites, databases, e-mail accounts and other resources as you like, until your server is full (almost). Just ask us to setup a new website. Asking us to add or delete website(s) on your server is a free service. If you have 300 websites to add, we may hand this task over to you.

Please, be careful not to overload your server. Every server has limited resources and a finite capacity. We will advise you as you grow your server, do not worry.

Can I setup an intensive usage application?

The server is all yours, you can install anything you want. However, installing applications like game server software, torrent downloads, etc. is not endorsed and cannot be supported by us. Also, it may not be allowed by the provider. If the provider allows it and you are sure that you will not need our support, install anything you want, as long as it is legal and complies with our Terms of Service.

What if my server goes down?

Honestly, we do not have servers that go down 🙂 The usual reasons for a server or a service to fail, is if the hardware resources are not properly selected, if there is a huge spike on traffic, or if there is an attack. You really don’t have to notify us, we will already be aware of the situation with our monitoring systems. We use robots that check your server’s services every 2 or 5 minutes, depending on the server. Normally, the robots will take care of this, and your server or service will automatically be brought up. Furthermore, we will investigate the reason. We will not let a server fail and be brought up on a regular basis loop. In practice, systems could sometime fail for various reasons, and sometimes simultaneously, so be on the safe side and let us know if your server or a service is not working as expected. Contact support by the 24/7/365 urgent contact you will be provided. Did you know UpCloud offers 100% SLA and x50 compensation? Did you know we ended up selling exclusively UpCloud servers because they are the Fastest and the most Reliable?

What if my server is attacked?

We equip all the servers we deliver with a basic protection against the most common attacks, and for DDoS attacks as well. However, DDoS is not an attack nature we can guarantee that we can handle, as nobody really can in the global industry. If you have a persistent and huge DDoS attack on your server, we can offer a special service at an additional cost, that is expected to handle the situation. However, DDoS can be tricky, and it has been tricky at least once for all the global giants that are supposed to be “immortal” against DDoS. If you are a target of DDoS attacks, rest assured that we know what needs to be done, and we will be ready for quick mitigation. This is an extra service.

What if my server is damaged?

Well, a Cloud Server is not supposed to be “damaged”. This is extremely unlikely to happen. Also, well maintained Linux servers are normally rock solid. But there is one possibility that something could go wrong, if we speak mathematically. This is why we suggest you to choose a backup option which is available. Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan are vital parts of a proper plan. We can offer more options on this matter, which we consider of paramount importance. Contact us and get more backup than what is available!

What if my server is suspended?

This is bad. If your server has been suspended, this probably happened because the provider decided to suspend it. There are cases we can realize a violation of the Terms of Service before the provider does, so there is also a possibility that we have suspended your service. In any case, this means you have violated the Terms of Service. Intention does not matter to us or to the provider. It is not important if you did something, or if someone else hijacked your account because you have used easy-to-guess passwords. Adherence to Best Practices forces us to follow the rules. If the provider allows it, you may reuse your service. However, in most cases, the second time will be the last time. If your server is suspended for a second time, your server will be cancelled, everything will be deleted, no refund, no notification. These are the rules. If you want a server even for a possibly abusive action, do not purchase one from us. Servers hosting legitimate websites do not get suspended. Suspended servers are usually attack nodes, spam nodes etc. Do not waste your money for testing a spam server with us, it will be suspended and deleted very soon.

Can I use FTP to connect to my server?

We prefer SFTP. You need to give us your IP so we can whitelist it first. You have the option to ask us to open the SFTP port for all IP’s, but this is not recommended at all! The standard option is that all ports remain closed, and the client IP’s are whitelisted. FTP service is not trusted. Security is more important than you think. However, if you want, we can enable the plain FTP service on your server. All your requests on decreasing the security of your server can be satisfied, but after that we are not responsible for any security breach.

How am I billed?

We use monthly billing, paid in advance for your service. You must pay for the next month, before the previous expires! Read the next FAQ!

What if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, your server will be cancelled and everything will be lost. Do not miss a payment. Pay in advance. Our services are low priced, low profit, and there is no margin for offering a grace period. If we had a large profit we could play it large, but this is not the case. The only workaround is that we change your subscription dates. Your service expiry date is moved 3 days earlier, and your service cancellation date will be your actual service expiry date. You will receive a notification 12 days before your service expires, and you will receive multiple payment notifications that your server needs a renewal. Please, pay attention to this policy, a cancelled server cannot be restored. On suspension there may be a investigation and restoration, on cancellation there is no such possibility, a cancelled server is irreversible. Pay on time if you need the server. This is the only way to keep it.

Do you offer an SLA?

Yes! UpCloud will guarantee 100% virtual server and network availability to the Customer. The network will be deemed available if UpCloud’s routers and switches are available and responding properly. For all unscheduled interruptions in the provision of the Services, which are due to hardware or telecommunications failures that last longer than 5 minutes, UpCloud shall offer compensation to the Customer. Read more here:

In case the server has a downtime due to the infrastructure, we wil compensate according to the compensation we will receive, in Subscription Time not in Money. This has NEVER happened, we hereby verify that the 100% SLA exists 🙂

Please note that the managed service may have an interruption that is not “scheduled” but intentional. A reboot, for example, of if you ask that nginx be installed as a reverse proxy for apache, we need some time to change the listening ports for all websites on the server. If you have only one website the time is 1 minute, if you have 50 websites each website will have different downtime. This is why specific features should be added when the server is setup and not later! Another example is the intentional server reboots. We reboot only when necessary, that is, kernel updates or libc or something that needs reboot, but it needs to be done every few months.

An exception is also if you abuse or misuse your server. If, for example you purchase a 1 core 1 GB server in order to serve a website with higher traffic than Facebook or Google, then the uptime is not guaranteed. Server usage will be monitored and we will advise you to upgrate the server if we find out that you exceed the server capacity. If you abuse the server, do not blame the SLA. We will be there to advise you, do not worry.

Why a server is out of stock?

We need time to setup, test and deliver a server, as you can read above. Trying to maintain our service quality, we offer a low stock per server, in order to avoid a bottleneck in our operations. If a server you want is out of stock, this is usually because we are all busy setting up servers. Check back after 3 to 6 hours and the server should be available again. If it is not available yet, contact us to ask details about the availability.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Sorry, this is not possible due to the billing method of the provider. We must charge the account (pay in advance). Therefore, refunds are not possible. You can try the service for a month and decide if it suits you. You can start with a small server and test our part of the service. Besides, we have chosen to use exclusively the World’s fastest cloud servers. We have experience-based assurance that the infrastructure is top top top class.

What if the price changes on the provider?

If the provider will change price, we will also change your price. One euro or one dollar increase from the provider will bring one euro price increase with us.

Can I have everything done by your company?

Yes. If you don’t even want to login to your control panel, in order to manage the basic parameters of your web hosting service, this is ok. We can take up even the tasks that can be performed by you easily through the control panel. However, this is not included in the standard pricing. For our rate of 20 euro/hour plus taxes if applicable, we can execute all tasks you may require, even with building your website.

How can you offer such low prices?

Nobody is perfect. We can offer low prices because we have standardized the process. We use well known and extensively tested solutions we are very familiar with. This has a downside. For example, we offer only Centos 7, only Apache, only mariadb etc. Don’t worry, we can provide extra features like Varnish, Redis etc. but the basic installation is only one. The one we know very well. We can offer another OS, we can offer another control panel, we can offer nginx, but these are special requests, and they would not cost the same. Our low prices are offered with the standard setup. The standard setup is extensively used and guaranteed, we suggest you to stick to it.

Why only Linux servers?

Really? Is this a question? 🙂
Ok, lets pretend that there is a reason: this is what we know. In our company offices, we never had windows eh, Windows…